Payments & Proceedings

This Services are based in Freelance.

Once you send a Request Quote on Custom Development, Design & Makeover, Website Problems? pages; I will have to check the hours it will take for me to complete the task. I charge $15.00 an hour for any task don’t matter how big it is. I will send you the amount of hours it will take to complete the task via email, then you will decide if that’s reasonable for you. All payments are based on Paypal, it’s secure and convinient.

Once you become a client you can register so you can see the progress of your project and print a invoice for your records. If the project takes longer than expected no additional charges will be placed.

My work is excellent and I offer more than 10 years of Experience.

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This feature is for customers that just want to buy custom themes for Opencart, WordPress, Static, Etc. Custom Modules are developed as well. All development and designs are created by Manuel Medina Web Developer\Designer\Programmer.

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