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  1. Web Bugs

    Web Bugs

    The phishing attack

    Our world is filled with mouse clicks and keystrokes that connect us to each other. There's been a revolution in the way we live and do business. We're affected in ways we never imagined.

    With the internet, we can

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  2. Magento Vs Wordpress

    Magento Vs Wordpress

    Magento Vs Woocommerce

    In order to sell products online, your business needs a reliable e-commerce platform. Here's a comparison of WooCommerce and Magento (now called Adobe Commerce). Let's take a look at how these two solutions compare in terms

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  3. Avoid Keyword Stuffing in Page Title

    Avoid Keyword Stuffing in page Title

    What Happens When You Do Keyword Stuffing?

    Keyword stuffing goes against Webmaster Guidelines, specifically Google’s Panda algorithm. The Google bots will discover this black hat technique, and when they do, it will result in a

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  4. SEO Factors

    SEO search engine optimization

    Why it’s an issue:

    If you use keywords too many times in the document text, search engines may tag your page for keyword stuf ng (a form of search engine spam), which can hurt your rankings in the search engines, as well as appear spam-like i

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