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How it works:

All Services will have access to your dashboard where you'll be able to make notes and updates you might have for your project, you can add other services when need to and have everything in one place so you can monitor your projects etc. A badge will be attached to every Service, so you will know what service you will receive. You can contact us @‪ (702) 706-6918‬ if you have trouble with your dashboard. We have remote control to help any issues you might have.


Our Subscriptions are monthly subscriptions, with a fee to initiate your project. You can cancel anytime, Based on your Subscription you will have 24/7 support, or if you have just had the starter Plan, customer support will be available @ 9am to 5pm every day Saturdays and Sundays. This includes updates to your website, content management, a redesign of the website, or any add-ons you may desire. Also hosting is available if desired for free. Your email address will be notified when any updates have been made to the project. Once you have reviewed your website, a completed contract will be sent to you after approval. Each subscription includes SEO with 5 keywords. However, if you wish to add more keywords to your project website, in which case it will be $20 per additional keyword. Subscribe to our services and we will take care of all maintenance & security and every need you might have for your company.

Hourly-based services::

You can purchase and choose how many hours you want to purchase for your project. Most of these services are for troubleshooting and fixing specific functions that are not working on your website. Also for Graphics, updates etc. If you do not want to have a monthly subscription and is a project that will take two hours then this is perfect for you.

Pay as you Go:

These are projects that have a lot of variables involved. And will take time, but you can pay for two weeks to start, and later you can add a month, etc. These services are specific for App development and 3D Draft or animations etc.

Budget-based services:

Further, we have the option of setting up the budget package yourself and we will accept that if we are satisfied with it. It will be our pleasure to work with you. You must be specific about your project with details and send us the budget for that project. We will review it and if we accept the project we will contact you to set it up for you.

Service cancellations:

Cancellations on all services will be based on the contract. Each service is non-refundable. After cancellation, you will get all the data files, items, and everything we have worked on for your project. We do not keep anything. You paid for it you own it. We will always work hard to make sure you get the highest quality service.

General Service Agreement (Contract)