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My Websites

These are all my websites.

We are a social media Livestream Reality Network. We offer our Members the opportunity to earn income from their content, photos, video, Livestream events , pay per view events or online products. we provide you the tools needed to earn. We specializing in live photo shoots and social events which are live streamed and sold as Pay Per View.
Elegant and functional urban backpack designs that can be customized into your ideal Smartpack. Integrated smart power to charge your devices quickly and a mobile wireless hard drive that works with smartphones and tablets so you’ll have a personal mobile workstation that goes everywhere you do.
Cool Nerd Squad
We know how it goes, you call a web company to help you make a mark in the digital space and all they do is provide overpriced and outdated solutions. The Cool Nerd Squad is here to change that!
Day & Night mechanical solutions
Here at Day & Night Mechanical Solutions, our goal is to provide you with the highest quality HVAC services possitble. We are industry experts and with years of experience in the field our HVAC technicians are the best around. When you need an HVAC company in Denver you can trust, we are the business to call!
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Fun facts


75 percent of my clients are in the media and advertising business.


42 percent of my projects are done in under 4 weeks of development.

Web Development

63 percent of web development requires access to Hosting Management

Mobile Fixes

25 percent when coding: Is usually fixing bugs on mobile