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Web Development

When working with websites, you get used to terms like backend and front end. The backend of a site refers to the processes not seen by an end user. For example, when you search googles' search engine, you only see the field in which you fill in your search keywords whereas what goes behind the scenes in popping those results are not visible to you. The behind-the-scenes process of that search is what is referred to as the backend. The front end of a website talks about the general layout of the site that you can see.

Website development is a mere practice of creating functional websites for individuals, organizations, businesses and other interested parties. The term website development covers areas of website design and includes efforts that go into making a web page visible on the internet when a visitor searches for it. Unlike website design, web development involves database management, writing or designing scripts that communicate with the server, processes invincible to the end user as well as the configuration of network security.

Imagine clicking on a link that directs you to fill a box for an email subscription. The design and outlook of the field is the job of a website designer. The proper functioning of that field or subscription button which is to add you to a subscribers lists rests solely on a developer. In some cases, web developers handle both the front end and back end of a website.

Website Design

Websites were hitherto blocks of texts, and applets found roaming on the internet. Today, it is a different story. A good site at the very minimum should have a series of colors that attract the attention of its visitors. Basic texts now come in different fonts to create style and increasing engagement. In simple terms, a lot has changed and is still evolving when it comes to designing website pages.

So in all this what is website design?

Website design has had some changing definitions recently, however, in general, website design is the process involved in producing the outlook and layout of a web page to a visitor. This includes the arrangement of elements like boxes, buttons, text fields, text, images and others. Website design is responsible for the what-you-see in a website.

There are some websites you visit, and it looks like you could touch the buttons and animations that appear on your screen. The use of the right colors and proper elements that keep a user engaged and returning is dependent on the work of a web designer. Professional website designer usually has knowledge or two in graphics design because the process of designing a poster may also apply when creating a spot (website) on the internet. Since sites are usually the first place a potential customer goes to check out a business, it has to represent your company in its fullest in colors, design and layout. A website designer puts this all in mind when designing your site.

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